Cannon Beach Conference Center

Special Diet – Conferences

Current Summer Menu for review (TBA)

Note: A 10% surcharge for special diets will be applied to your meal package rate.

Special Diet Guidelines

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you through the provision of specific special diets during your stay at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center.

*Please note: Due to the increasing challenges of navigating a wide range of individual specific special/medical diets, allergies and choices, we are changing our special diet policies starting January 2021.

We will continue to offer gluten free (non-Celiac), dairy free and vegetarian options. The special diet form will include these three options for selection.

We do not have a licensed dietician on staff and for your safety, we will not be accommodating any additional specific food allergies other than what is listed above.

Our facility contains wheat, gluten, eggs, soy, shellfish, peanuts and other potential allergens. We do not cook with peanuts, but we are not a peanut/nut free facility. Also, please note that since our kitchen is not gluten free, food may be close or exposed to gluten-containing surfaces.

To be best served, we encourage our guests with specific dietary needs, other than gluten-free (non-Celiac), dairy free and vegetarian diets, to prepare your own meals/snacks in advance and bring them with you. We can help with refrigeration if that is necessary and can heat your food items in a microwave for you if your room does not contain a microwave.

Special Diet Request Process

  • You MUST complete the special diet request online at least five days prior to your stay.
  • Confirmation that your online request has been received will be emailed to you along with a copy of the special diet request you have submitted. Please review for accuracy. If you do not receive email confirmation of your medical diet request within 24 hours after submitting it, be sure and contact CBCC by email or phone.
  • At each meal, please notify your server that you have a special diet request and provide your FIRST and LAST name.
  • Your server will bring you a meal that has been specially prepared to accommodate your dietary needs based on the information provided through your special diet request form.

Please note:

  • A limited number of special diets can be accommodated during any meal. Last minute requests may not be able to be accommodated.
  • We will accommodate only gluten free (non-Celiac), dairy free and vegetarian special diet requests.
  • Our kitchen is not equipped to cook special foods brought to CBCC by guests but we can warm food in a microwave or refrigerate special food you have brought if needed.

Special Diet Request Form