Cannon Beach Conference Center

Ecola Bible College

Since 1972, Ecola Bible College has offered the perfect opportunity for anyone seeking to study the Scriptures in a relaxed, intimate environment.

The purpose of Ecola is to help students develop a strong, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. A warm supportive family atmosphere and the seclusion and rugged beauty of the North Oregon Coast provide the setting for Ecola’s unique approach to scriptural study. Spiritual growth is emphasized over academic achievement. A wide range of subjects are taught by some of the world’s leading Christian speakers and educators. The schedule is relaxed to permit time for fellowship, prayer, and contemplation.

Ecola Bible College leases its facilities from the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center. Students live in our dormitories and eat in our dining room. Many Ecola students have found it helpful to work for CBCC as summer staff prior to the school year or part-time during school to help with tuition costs.

If you are interested in learning more about Ecola Bible College’s dynamic approach to Biblical instruction, visit their website: or call (503) 436-2552.