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100 Comments on Cannon Beach Webcam

  • Randy

    Always had a great time at Cannon Beach.

  • Joe Drella

    Another of my lovie daughters is attending Ecola so it’s great to see the Cannon Beach views again !

  • Greg Parker

    Thank you for changing the view on the construction camera.

    Nice to see the progress being made.

  • Carl Lolo, Mt.

    We usually are here this time to volunteer but other appointments keep us home..truly miss our time volunteering here, the fantastic spiritual atmosphere, special co-workers and staff whom we`ve come to love, the meals and of course the ocean, beach, finding agates and all the other things that make CBCC so special. Miss you all so Much! May God continue to bless the work He has called you to do at CBCC. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  • craig horvath

    Cannon Beach is the best place to be re focused on God and this wonderful creation , and I still miss Mrs McNiell intro in the chapel.

  • T.K. Hill

    My wife and I have enjoyed CB for 4 years now in our cottage. This place is truly magical and will be a part of our lives forever. We try and get out there at least once a month even during the winter storms but enjoy those summer months. Very special place.

  • gary baucom

    Fresh water Salt water 1970

  • Holly Cohen

    The sunrise turned into a stunning array of soft lavender hues everywhere. The afternoon sunshine played across the ocean like thousands of diamond sparkles. Midnight showed a perfect reflection of the full moon upon some very wet sand. The sound of the waves soothing to the soul, this is Cannon Beach and why I love it’s forever promise to me.

  • Stephanie Veasman

    CCBC is one of my favorite places on earth!! We’ve attended there 10 years in a row and this year will be our 11th if we are able to meet again! It’s truly the best vacation ever and we have made many friends there over the years!!

  • Boo Boo

    THANK YOU for cleaning the camera and keeping it running! April 11, 2020!

  • Devona Brown

    Since my very first trip in November 2015, I’ve been in love with this beautiful beach. A couple of years ago, I stayed at the Tolovana Inn and actually got to touch Haystack Rock!!! It was on my bucket list. I felt like a kid. I can’t wait to get back out there. Cannon Beach…we will meet again!!


    Our first time to CBCC was the summer of 1976, with 3 small children and friends. It is now our family reunion every summer for a week. What started with 5 people (kids included) reached 50 in our group last summer.. We will be back in August. Life is not life without Cannon
    Beach… Thank You Lord!

  • Joe Goetze

    Got saved here in 1972. My heart will forever be tied to this blessed place.

  • Carrie C.

    I miss Cannon Beach so much I miss the majestic Haystack Rock I used to live there weather is fantastic even in the pooring rain I miss taking long walks on the Beach and when the sun comes out it so much fun to fly kites on the Beach thinking of Cannon Beach everyday miss you much sending my love to Haystack Rock love Carrie C.

  • Leonard

    I have been coming to cannon beach for over 40 years and i am from Vancouver canada it’s beautiful

  • Anonymous

    I am blessed to live close to this majestic beach. You truly feel connected to every beautiful creation that God has given us as soon as you step onto the beach. I come here to feel closer to the Lord and reconnect with my loved ones. The glistening of the ocean, the aroma of the salt air, and the views are just fabulous. In our daily life we forget the beauty around us. Take time to reconnect, slow down and enjoy life. Don’t get trapped in daily grind that slowly pulls you away of the real meaning of life. “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

  • Shannon

    I love CBCC, it is an amazing place, you really feel the love of God. The women are very nice! And our speaker Dotor Lori Salierno was so upliftingloved every moment I was there! I will come back next yea. It was well worth every penny!

  • Elizabeth

    I love Cannon Beach. I usually stay at the Stephanie Inn when I visit. It’s always a peaceful, fun experience. I hope to someday own a house there and be a full-time resident.

  • Jim

    Visit Cannon Beach every September for 10 days to 2 weeks staying at the RV Park with our 5th wheel. Long winters here in Wyoming make us look forward to our yearly visits and just sitting on the beach. Look at the web cams and just wish we could hear the ocean.

  • Anonymous

    We love Cannon Beach, Plan on moving there after we retire. This place is the definition of relaxation.

  • Art

    My family and I love Cannon Beach, especially the conference center! It has been a blessing to thousands for 70 years and to us for 30. Our grandchildren can now enjoy it with us. It is the best vacation ever! – Bonnie, Spokane WA

  • Anonymous

    Nice to have a different view for a change – that beautiful beach that goes out forever……

  • Anonymous

    For the last three years, friends have invited us to go with them to CANNON BEACH. Previously, those have all been winter visits. This time (in two days) it will be a summer visit and the prospects for good weather are excellent. We can’t wait!! We always go to a play at the Coaster Theater. We never fail to enjoy it. There are many talented people in Cannon Beach and the surrounding area.

  • Anonymous

    I was brought to Cannon Beach when I was 18 years old I am 47 and have been coming here every year since and I come here no less than 5 times a year so I can be recharged and when I am sad I give my tears to the ocean. I live in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho which is 8 hours to the Beach…. I love it so much here that I travel sometimes to just stay the day and drive home… I Believe GOD put Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock there just for ME…. I am so at peace and close to GOD when I visit, it is a time for peace, love and comfort….. I have carried the tradition to my 6 children and 7 grandchildren they love it just as much as I do. When I pass away, my family will spread my ashes there and I will be set free to be with GOD there…. GOD BLESS to All who love this place….. Thank you for the Webcam….. it is a good way to feel like I am there…..

  • Anonymous

    Just used to camera from halfway across the state to take screenshots of my family walking on the beach.!!!! This is amazing thanks for letting me go virtually with them keep this up !!!

  • Anonymous

    Just came back from a week and it was pure bliss. As a child I regularly went with my family. My husband and I have bee going for years with our daughters. What is it about this place! I can really recharge in Cannon Beach. The most breathtakingly beautiful scenery. I never grow tired of it. I dream of retiring there someday. Thanks for the opportunity to get a glimpse of haystack rock when we are not there! Our room photos were very close to this webcam as my balcony photos look similar from the Tolovana!

  • nathan oulman

    I love this place, i want to go back right now. I started a site for anyone that loves it as much as I to share photos and places to go.

  • Sherri

    Best beach on Oregon coast. Last year went to Olympic National Forest; all along the WA coast, pretty, have been 101 all through CA, Redwoods beautiful, but in all that traveling, there was no place as gorgeous as Cannon Beach! Summer vacations; BBQ, playing in the ocean. Travel there, shopping; food and people amazing.

  • JulieAnn

    Thank you for this web cam…..As a young girl my parents would ask where we would like to go for a family vacation usually a week at the end of July or first part of August. My siblings and I would say the ocean – being from Washington State we would visit the Washington coast or Oregon coast for that week. I fell in love with Cannon Beach all those years ago and I can say my husband and I after 15 years being together, we are taking our very first vacation as husband and wife…we will finally be visiting this beautiful place in THREE days!! YEAH!

  • Jennie, Layton UT

    Cannon Beach is my serenity place!!! I went there on my Honeymoon 15 years ago. We have taken our kids there twice and can’t wait to get back. Praying to be able to retire there. Thanks so much for the webcam!!! It brightens my day when I can get a glimpse of paradise!!!

  • Tacoma Dan

    When I am in town over the past 20 years, I ride my bike on Cannon Beach every morning down to Hug Point. Different every day. I love that beach it does something good to my soul.



  • R. Neal

    Just saw that at least three members of my family have already submitted comments on this site, so if four is not too many. . .
    Life is good !
    God is great and His love is beyond
    measure !
    And we are so very blessed !
    OH YEAH – What a view ! ! !

  • Debby

    This is for Leila, Maple Ridge, CB for summer 2015. This RV park is VERY CLOSE to downtown Cannon Beach and walking distance to shopping & restaurants. Enjoy!

  • Leila, Maple Ridge, BC

    Gorgeous! We have never been there but are hoping to find an RV park very close to the beach in 2015 as we don’t bring a car with us.

  • Phoebe

    “I come to the sea to breathe..” I’ve been coming to this special place since I was a young girl with my grandmother. This ocean makes me believe in the beauty of God.

  • Boo Boo

    Cannon Beach = walking = meditation = peace

  • Vianney & Sharon, Lafayette, California

    Check the webcams every day, thank you.
    Such a beautiful, peaceful, safe and memorable place.
    The beach is truly impressive with incredible vistas.
    We will be coming more often very soon, once we are both retired.

  • Jimee Sue, Montana

    What a wonderful, peaceful place, one of the most tranquil places on Earth. Thank you for this camera so I can go here every day, it does my heart good. Can’t wait to visit again this summer. God bless Cannon Beach. :-)

  • Scott

    I check these cams daily. My daughters spent a week every summer here when they were growing up. We love this place.

  • Deitra

    Last time i was there was 1987 and i sure do miss it! thank you for the webcam.

  • Randy

    Miss the the beach, miss the summer. I’ll be back!

  • Becky

    Our daughter and son-in-law work at the conference center. Every comment here is absolutely true. Peace, rest, rejuvenation. It is truly a blessing to visit here.

  • Bill

    Just a great place! At college right now but miss the beach more than ever

  • David Harper

    looking forward to next summer…we really enjoyed this area.

  • Joe

    Our daughter goes to school here and we really like this town……visits will be forth coming !

  • Lance

    Not too many places I’d leave Texas a second time for, but I want to retire in Cannon Beach more than anything in the world. It is truly my paradise. Thank you for this webcam, for it keeps my eyes on the prize.

  • dave ellis

    That’s not the other chair?
    Where’s the chair?

  • Val & Helen

    We have been coming to CBCC several times a year for over 25 years. We really miss coming this year, but love looking at the webcam daily and praying for the conferences. Wish we were there!

  • David Harper

    Sonia and I really enjoyed Cannon Beach…the scenery, fresh ocean air, shopping, fellowship and teaching…terrific! Thanks for the Webcam….

  • Duff

    There is just something truly unique about Cannon Beach. The “whole” greater area of Cannon Beach…from Indian Beach, Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach, Tolovana and the “South Beach” area, Arcadia Beach State Park, Hug Point State Park, Oswald West State Park, down to…and including really…Manzanita and Nehalem…and all the little “turn outs, and viewpoints” on 101…this is a special place. It is sacred, it is spiritual, it is calming, peaceful and serene, it is refreshing and re-vitalizing…being here just makes you feel good!

    …for as long as I can remember…as a young child, and now into my 50’s…I have come to Cannon Beach, and no matter the day, week, month, year…or weather…I always feel better here, in mind, body, and spirit…

    …and to no surprise, I see by everyone’s comments here, that we have all felt the very same way…in this remarkable place called Cannon Beach…

    Thank you Lord…for this…

  • Diana Behrent

    I will be coming back to visit there in three weeks. Can’t wait!

  • Kevin Ontario, OR

    visiting the coast for the first time in 12 years, seeing your wonderful webcam views of God’s Amazing handiwork is bringing tears to my eyes, Thank you so much I cannot wait til August…

  • Cwebb

    A beauty once again! 7/14

  • Shauna, White Rock, BC

    Love to walk to the Rock. Love the beach, the wildlife, the waves… it’s one of my fave places!

  • Shauna, White Rock, BC

    I love to walk to the Rock! Can’t get enough of its beauty, the wildlife, the sand and the waves. Love, love, love Cannon Beach, Oregon.

  • Sandi

    Love Cannon Beach so much! There’s that great fish market and all the little shops and we try to get there once every year or two because we love watching the sunsets at the end of the street!! Such a great place to be.

  • Laura

    Best webcam ever! Thank you so much for this, I imagine I am there every day. Cannon beach is one of the best places on earth :)

  • Diana Behrent

    Yeah the chair is back!

  • Riley

    Love ya Cannon Beach! Favorite place on earth! So fun to see others enjoying it too!! Totally awesome

  • Riley

    I love Cannon Beach video cam because I can see how much fun other people have there. Totally awesome!

  • Andrew

    I first visited Cannon Beach at the age of 3 after my parents adopted four of my siblings from the Philippines. Cannon Beach and the conference center have left an indelible impression in my life. From my time as a young boy on the conference grounds to the life changing experience at Ecola Bible School, I look forward with great excitement each time to visiting this special place.

  • Wendy McKennon

    I grew up in Cannon Beach and we lived in a beach front home right in front of Haystack Rock & The Needles!!! It will always be my home no matter where I live!!! Going to the 50th Annual Sandcastle Contest this year!!! June 21st, 2014!!! The contest started in the Village of Cannon Beach for the local kids in 1964! It has since grown every year with Master builders and sometimes Cannon Beach gets bombarded with over 30,000 people!!! This year I made my own un-official Sandcastle shirt and plan to wear it there! I designed and painted it. My logo is on the back. By the way my Logo is Wendy Originals with Haystack Rock and The Needles inspired! Love this Webcam! Thank you for the special “peek” at my “home”! ~Wendy, Newport, OR. Soon to be Springfield, OR.

  • Sarah, Wyoming

    I am so thankful for your site & live webcams. I get homesick for the North Coast. I often keep a tab with this view open on my computer at work, and I have a jar of Cannon Beach sand on my desk, to remind me of life way out west. Thank you.

  • Paul

    Thanks for your concerns about one of our beachfront chairs. Its just being repaired from weather damage and will be returned soon!

  • Debby

    Yea, what Robb said…where is the other chair?

  • Robb

    Where is the other chair?

  • Bill

    Bill Billings Montana
    Thanks for keeping up the website. My family has spent many summer vacations at Cannon Beach & it is nice to see the beach & the various weather conditions on a daily basis. Back soon.

  • Sher

    This is one of my favorite places. First visit at age of 5 with my family on an Oregon Coast trip from BC Canada. Who knew…30 years later I would find myself living in the Portland area (via southern california) and be able to take a day trip to this fabulous beach any weekend I wanted to. I also enjoy bringing bus loads of residents from the assisted living community I work at to visit Cannon Beach each summer!

  • Justaguy, Seattle, WA

    I’ve been visiting Cannon Beach every year sicne my parents took us there in 1965 (I was 9 years old). I’ve been going there every year since then. My kids will continue the tradition with their families as well. What a special, wonderful place. I’ll be there in March.! I’ll probably die there (or at least have my ashes scattered in the surf….)

  • Kay

    I spoke at a women’s retreat at CBCC in January, 2014, and absolutely enjoyed my time there. I had checked this webcam every day for almost a month leading up to my visit to Cannon Beach, anticipating the beauty. But then God blessed us with an amazingly glorious weekend, and it was so much more beautiful than I had imagined! I was awestruck! And God was good to give us a wonderful women’s retreat as well. Such a special time!!

  • Kim Shepherd

    I will be visiting Cannon Beach the last weekend of February I have Big plans.
    My husband and I will be on our first out of town road trip in over 15 years I cannot tell you just how excited I am.

  • Rick, Lake Tapps WA

    We will be in that exact place tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait. Cannon Beach and Mt. Rainier…my two re-energizing places in the Northwest. I can “smell” the surf now.

  • C. Fruita, CO


  • Sherry, CA

    I love the webcam because I can go to Cannon Beach anytime and do a “flyover” like the seagulls, take a loving look at Haystack, watch kites flying, storms raging, or the sun setting. Seeing people walking the beach gives me that brief moment where I am there too, enjoying the breezes and sound of the gulls. A moment of peace! And a good place to go when you are in California and missing the Oregon Coast and the conference grounds!

  • Dave, Pismo Beach, CA

    Love checking the webcam each day. Always something interesting to see!

  • Andrew, Columbia MO

    Been to Cannon Beach twice. Loved the ocean view every time. I hope to make it my permanent home in a few years.

  • Kathleen, Varaklani, Latvia

    I love seeing ‘my’ Oregon Coast. I miss it so. Loved all my visits at Cannon Beach Conference Center. I have a commemorative glass mug from 1995. Heather presented it one to anyone sharing the same birth year as the Center. It is sitting on my desk holding pens and pencils and I look at it every day.

  • Lisa, Langley B.C.

    I love this webcam… my grandparents brought me and my sister to Cannon beach Christian conference centre every year from the time I was 7 until I was 15. I am 42 now… and I look forward to visiting with my children every year. Through the years, the hope that this place represents for me has been indescribable The possibility of this beach full of debris from Japans terrible tsunami has brought a deep sadness to me. This place was heaven to me growing up…. for one week out of every year I would escape to this loving, safe, fun place and for the rest of the year I would be tormented with an unloving home and all the insecurities that brings. I can’t imagine life without this place as beautiful today as it was decades ago. I pray daily for God to keep this place safe.

  • David, Seattle WA

    Can it be that Cannon Beach exists even when I’m not there? We go every year for a week. We never tire of it, and can think of few other places that approach it in terms of beauty, interest and satisfaction. I open my door and hear the distant freeway traffic. It sounds a lot like surf. In my heart I am there today, shivering on the sand, glad to be alive.

  • Carol, Vancouver WA

    I love the webcam. Our condo is just across the creek. Thanks!

  • Wayne, Portland OR

    Thanks for the webcam. I use this as my weather report before i drive out to the beach from Portland =)

  • Gary, Lee Ann, Kaizer and Bocce, Spokane WA

    Thank you so so much. This webcam gives us a touch of cannon beach when we can’t be there. We have been visiting Cannon Beach for over 35 years and this is very just like the view from our room. Thanks again.

  • Beth, Shawnee, Kansas

    Just looking at this webcam everyday makes me excited for our 4th of July trip to Cannon Beach. Can’t wait to see everything in person!

  • Liz, Boise, Idaho

    Love Cannon Beach. I really enjoy the Haystack Rock….all the creatures that are around it. Plus the variety of birds that live on the rock. My husband and I (and the kids if they can manage it) go to the Oregon Coast every year.

  • Steve, Newton, West Virginia

    I grew up in Hillsboro OR. and seeing this webcam makes me home sick for the oregon coast. I now live in Newton West Virginia. I sure am thinking of packing everything up and heading home where my heart is!

  • Lori, Chilliwack BC

    I find myself returning to this webcam page quite often when I need reminding of God’s beauty and majesty. I am very excited to return each year and to walk with my Lord along the sands.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Tac, Cambridge, UK

    We’ve coming over to Cannon Beach for years, and have seen it all the year round. Just a short walk down Jefferson, and we are there, in fact, in my mind, I’m there right now. We love it.

  • Cathy, Senegal, West Africa

    Being able to see the live webcam makes me feel closer to our dear daughter who is in her second year there. We are so blessed by Ecola Bible School’s love and care for our girls while we serve here in Africa. Our deepest gratitude.

  • Denise, British Columbia, Canada

    Thank you so much for attending to this webcam. It brings happiness to many, I am sure. This page is now my home page for all search engines. I can feel the salty moisture on my face and hear the roar of the waves every time I see the current images. My family and I were last at Cannon Beach in October of this year -2012. Always anxious to return

  • Kathy, Federal Way, Wa

    I clicked on the webcam, saw a sliver of sunshine and had my AHA moment. Cannon Beach has been a favorite spot for my husband and I for many years. I enjoy walks on the beach and always feel refreshed and recharged while visiting. We look forward to our next visit in Jan.

  • David, Seattle, WA

    It’s still there! Amazing! I can’t wait to get on the beach this summer, but it’s nice to know it’s not just a figment of my imagination.

  • Rick, Spokane, WA

    My wife and I are about to launch our dream retirement life in Cannon Beach. We bought one of the condos across the creek and we will move-in in the Summer of 2014. We look at this webcam every day and remind ourselves that we are very blessed.

  • Caroline, Cannon Beach, OR

    Our dream is finally coming true – living permanently in beautiful Cannon Beach! Love this web cam – have checked it often in the past few years (when we are away from the beach) to watch the lovely ocean. We will be able to look out our windows now to see what the weather is like, and to hear the ocean roar. Cannon Beach – we are coming home!!!

  • Lisa, Auburn New England

    How I would love to be sitting there watching and listening live to my favorite oceanfront view! My dream is to someday have a house on the beach and enjoy this view every day!

  • Bonnie, Lolo MT

    Can’t wait to go visit this weekend for the conference put on by Shane and Phyllis W.! This is our 3rd time back for this particular conference and we really enjoy the people, scenery and of course the beautiful facility. What a great God Space! Thank you!

  • Dee, Vancouver Canada

    Why go anywhere else? We have camped in Cannon Beach for the past eight years with our kids. We now rent a house a block away from the beach. It is truly the most beautiful beach on earth. My son and I get up early to walk on the beach as the sun rises. Afterwards, we visit the bakery downtown for a hot chocolate and a doughnut. Memories to last a lifetime!

  • Jean, Salem OR

    My beloved grandparents “retired” to Cannon Beach from Portland in the early 1950s. They and my dad, their second son, built their home on Van Burien Street, from their own plans, which included a small office next to the front room so that Grandpa, a Chiropractic physician, could still treat a few patients. Grandpa passed away at the age of 83 and Grandma, who played the church organ at the Presbyterian church, continued to live in their home until her late 80′s. She sold the home and returned to live in the Portland area to be near her sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Grandma lived to be 101 and one half years of age, out living both of her sons. So-o-o-o, this web camera is the link we, her grand children, great grand children and great, great grandchildren, both biological and “adopted” have to revisit our beloved beach, our beloved Haystack and the wonderful town we all love so dearly! The entire, extended Sargent family will always love “our” Cannon Beach!

  • Diana, Littleton CO

    I am soooo grateful for the webcam. I enjoyed Cannon Beach and at least I can look at the webcam to get somewhat of a fix since I am back home now.

  • Zach, Eagan MN

    Mom grew up in Portland and we usually go to Cannon Beach every year, but I haven’t been there for a while. Can’t wait to go back! – Zach, Eagan MN

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